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     B877 is a newly-designed, cost-effective, multi-functional small capacity construction machinery, widely used in highway construction and maintenance, cabling, power, airport construction and other various applications.
    1.Pallet forks, rolling clamps, side dumping bucket, log grappler, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic compactors and all kinds of buckets to meet customers’ various needs;
    2.WEICHAI DEUTZ turbocharged engine, low fuel consumption, above 30% torque reserve, strong power;
    3.Italy CARRARO transmission, axles, with electronic differential lock and enclosed wet disc brakes, electronic synchronized shift with 4 forward/reverse gears, flexible operation, responsive, and high working efficiency;
    4.Parallel linkage loader arm, close to 0° translation during bucket lift, and ensure stable lifting operations;
    5.Special linkage mechanism design, above 200° boom swing, ensure smooth and stable operation;
    6.Combination flow control by threepumps and fourvalves, ensure complete composite excavation actions and independent movement, able to perform minute actions, easy operation;
    7.Simple single-arm locking mechanisms at loader-side, readily operated without tools; innovative boom locking mechanisms atexcavating-side, electronic automatic control locking;

    Item Specifications
    LxWxH 5865×2270×3599mm
    Max.dumping height 2716mm
    Dumping distance 819mm
    Min.ground clearance 346mm
    Min. turning radius 4178mm
    Horizontal crossing radius 5426mm
    Overall working weight 8325kg
    Loading bucket capacity 1.0m³
    Rated load 1800kg
    Max.tractive force 82kN
    Digging bucket capacity 0.18m³
    Max. digging force 50kN
    Max.breakout force 60kN
    Max. gradeability 22°
    Rated power / speed 71kW

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