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     RD730 is a new generation of hydraulic double-drum vibratory roller with high reliability, efficiency and Comfort. It has a modern designed outlook and has good vibratory function, high torque, high operating functionality and easy to maintain.
    1.Kubota Tier 3 engine, strong power, energy-saving and environment-friendly;
    2.Vibration systems use world famous hydraulic components with high reliability, excellent performance, stable operation, longerlife span;
    3.Drive system use world famous hydraulic components with front and rear drive, large traction force, smooth movement, excellent performance, stable operation, long service life; famousvibratory bearings, with large bearing capacity, stable and reliable;
    5.High-frequency vibration technology is used to effectively improve compaction efficiency;
    6.SDLG patented vibratory mechanisms, high uniform vibration amplitude at both sides of vibrating drums, good compaction performance;
    7.Brand new shape: beautiful, majestic, uniqu
    8.Ergonomically designed operating platforms that allow good visibility, comfortable operation;

    Item Specifications
    Length×Width×Height 2424×1337×2831mm
    Min.ground clearance 260mm
    Compacting width 1200mm
    Theoretical gradeability 30%
    Overall weight 3070kg
    Nominal amplitude 05mm
    Frequency 55/67Hz
    Exciting force (high/low) 31/46kN
    Static linear load 120/131N/cm
    Rated power/speed 24.8kW/2400r/min

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