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     RS8200 mechanical single drum vibratory road roller, a heavy-duty self-propelled vibratory road roller able to effectively compact various soil layers and rock filling, leads the whole industry in compacting performance, driving performance, maneuverability, reliability and serviceability etc., and is the ideal choice for construction of high-grade highways, airports, ports, railways, embankments and industrial sites.
    1.It is applied with the Weichai engine meeting the China II emission standard, which features strong power, energy saving and good reliability, and configures itself with the starting enrichment function.
    2.It is applied with the electro-hydraulic power shift transmission, which has three forward gears and three reverse gears and features neutral start and reverse warning function, allowing stable, handy and comfortable gearshift; the strengthened drive axle specific to the SDLG road roller enjoys reliable performance and convenient 
    3.It is applied with the internationally well-known vibratory pump and vibratory motor, ensuring reliable performance.
    4.The overall electrical system of the centralized control and the digitized stepping instrument panel ensure good human-machine interaction and convenient inspection and maintenance.
    5.The electrically-controlled linear actuator provided for the engine hood allows for one-button open of hood to a large angle, and the maintenance parts are rationally arranged to facilitate the maintenance and service.
    6.The new full-enclosed cab is optimized ergonomically, which is spacious and bright with broad field of vision and good sealing performance; the A/C and ROPS&FOPS are optionally available to enhance the operating safety and comfort.
    7.The exciting mechanism patented by SDLG is applied, ensuring high consistency of amplitude and frequency on both sides of vibratory drum and a good compacting effect; the internationally renowned vibratory bearing is provided, offering large bearing capacity, favourable stability and reliability.
    8.Radiators are arranged in line to provide good heat radiating effect, and the sealing spacer is designed to separate the cool room from the hot room, thus enhancing the cooling efficiency.
    9.OTR tyres are optionally available and the pad-feet are retrofitted to satisfy the diverse customer needs.

    Item Specifications
    Length×Width×Height 6370×2320×3185mm
    Min.ground clearance 407mm
    Compacting width 2150mm
    Theoretical gradeability 30%
    Overall weight 20000kg
    Nominal amplitude (high/low) 2.0/1.0mm
    Frequency 30Hz
    Exciting force (high/low) 380/210kN
    Static linear load 455N/cm
    Rated power/speed 129kW/2000 r/min

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